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Jane Digby, a lonely, homely, middle-aged woman, orders a "Mail-A-Day" mailbox to keep her engaged, but like the woman, the mailbox's loneliness has borne out the Catch personality that desires companionship but simultaneously shoves it away, exuding diesel exhaust and eau de rotting garbage, casting aspersions on Jane's weight, looks and choice of perfume. When Jane stops trying, the mailbox reconciles but it may be too late.

The company that made the mailboxes is coming around to recall them due to all the complaints. Thanks to an undertone of Lolita , the character complexity steps up in the Twilight Zone -ish "Roadside Stop. He pulls over to wet his whistle, plays a game of cards with an adolescent girl who cons more than poker chips out of him.

With an ingenious title like "Conversation Pieces," the story plays off a number of literal and not-so literal meanings: objects conversing, objects to converse about, and someone going to pieces over such objects. A young woman moves town-to-town to escape discovery of her possessing the talent or is it madness? All that changes when a prostitute with the heart of gold comes calling But now she padded through the streets of Tivermouth at midnight, a lithe black shadow slipping cat-quiet over the cobblestones.

Messages threaded the air from every side: the scurry of a mouse darting for cover as Misha approached, the distant slap of water on wood where the boats rocked in the harbor, a musky smell from an attic where two human lovers pressed one against the other. A "Homecoming" is not always a welcoming if you've been away from wife and child for six years courting kings and courtiers who don't give a damn about you and slaying monsters you don't hate.

A box grants a nursing home resident "The Gift" but the gifts it gives of nostalgia are not what the old man is looking for. In "Not Another Unicorn," Henna shapes leopard after uninspired leopard until she's approached by a rival magician who cajoles her into helping him shape a unicorn for the Princess tomorrow -- only time runs out a familiarity with unicorn lore will bear out the climax of this one. Following "The Winter of the Rats," the Hamelin residents refuse to pay their deliverer, the Pied Piper, so he seeks revenge upon its children, which infuriates the child narrator whose father had paid -- three wrongs, however, still don't make a right.

Pinocchio retold finds "Puppetta" an escapist during one of her moments of humanity. In "Dragonslayer" a young girl finds her heroine can be far more dangerous than the beast she slays. Murderers are exiled to the "City of Mercy. The scaffolding of the stories present a dependable literary form though sometimes by using the wrong construction material.

Cold Winter Shadows

Behind many of these tales, a novelist yearns to break free of the confines of a short story, many of which are difficult to leap into without the character goals presented up front so that, in the case of "Spell Night," the reader is surprised and disappointed to the testament of the author's skill of drawing the reader into the life of the characters that the story has reached an end. Even when the story enthralls en media res "The winter I turned thirteen, the rats came to our town. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites.

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Sequester - Winter Shadows - Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

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