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Dialogue #2: Doug Pagitt
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What language do you use to talk about "education" or "faith formation"? The language I use in my professional life as a church consultant in the Protestant world is "spiritual formation. What can we do in our collective life is live together as people of faith. For us, that kind of language creates a false set of distinction between faith and life and confuses people much of the time.

Let’s Talk About The Good News

There is a constant need to renegotiate leadership in a community like this, and it takes a lot of work. People bring the "old storyline" back in from other churches that they have left, so it takes work to continue to forge a new imagination in co-leading our community together. It's my job to help do this as a kind of church pastor, which is a different role than being an authorized figure that leads the community and performs certain functions. Helping others to lead in a structurally flat organization and communicating and figuring out how to do this is not easy.

It's easier to have one person decide all of that; it's harder to have many people involved. For example with regard to money, we have nine leadership groups who all manage the funds. It automatically increases the level of participation and engagement of people, even if it's not as efficient or easier. All of our issues have been handled in really healthy ways and are not dominated by a narrative of strife.

They have been handled by a narrative of hope and possibility with one another.

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There is less to fight over because power is distributed over the whole system. There's not this "golden ring" of power to grab onto, so maybe that's part of why we have such little strife and conflict. One of our goals is that if we are doing something that is harmful for people's spiritual formation, we will stop doing it. Pain is an indicator that something is not going right. There's enough trouble that life brings that we don't need to hurt ourselves. Too often, there is unnecessary pain inflicted in churches. What can the UCC and other mainline denominations learn from the ways in which faith formation is carried out in emerging churches?

People aren't busier than they were in the 's. This is a common myth. There's just more competition for their time. The reality is that what churches are doing is less interesting than other things. So we need to ask: How can the church become a meaning making system, not just a volunteer-organizing system?

People don't care about the old categories of paying dues and volunteering, or the distinction between clergy and laity. What people want is to live their life in a way that makes meaning in the world. Things within a church are only meaningful to the church itself. The church is functioning as a solution to a past period and answering none of the problems for our current time.

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Lol but for real! Oh, I forgot. Worship on Sunday was instituted because daily living required all ones focus during the week so the Father in His wisdom, knew we needed a day to more deeply contemplate and honor Him. And give ourselves some rest. I guess that prescription should be thrown out the window in the modern age we live in. Or the fact that sociologists show that the more digital communications we enable, the more isolated we become.

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Those guys and gals are all phonies anyways. We should all prefer to have a singular me only relationship with God and never worry about having a relationship with other believers and non believers.

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I do agree that the church should be digitally enabled and relevant all week long and not just on Sundays. The Great Commission tells us to reach out to the greater masses of unchurched, unrepentant, unaware, improvershed, struggling and desperately disadvantaged mass of humanity, both local and across the globe with the message of grace and redemption and the service of assistance, charity and compassion. Sorry if that interferes with ones busy digital lifestyle that is driven principally by the demand for personal convenience and is just too busy or bored to set aside a specific time of day once a week to worship their Savior with fellow believers.

When Talking About Jesus Is Outside Your Comfort Zone

I believe that following Jesus and being his disciple means spending your hours, days a d weeks serving others first and practicing Christian discipleship which develops into a continual relationship with your Savior. Perhaps you missed the point, or only skimmed the blog? The author points out throughout the desire and need for connection and fellowship in this digitally connected generation.

Rather than a call to be a digital church, Nieuwhof asks the church to be more expansive — instead of exclusively seeing only the physically present as their only realm of spiritual influence. I honestly hope all of this does happen. As two Millennial Bible college kids, my husband and I have the same dread every Sunday — we were honestly relieved when the kids got the flu so we could all stay home.

Reasons I who love Jesus hate church 1. Service times are waaaay too early 8 and 10am , meaning we have to sacrifice either sleep or food in order to be there on time — but last waaaaay too long ending at 11 and 1 respectively so we either sleep or starve through it because distracting ourselves with a silent game on my phone is a big freaking no no but literally interrupting a sermon with rumblings actually happenned..

As soon as pastors know our background they unload some toxic ministry onto us and then we get to be in a pit of drama the last ministry leader left which is a terrible way to try and make friends at a church Conversely, visiting your parents church makes this 10x worse. There were times in my life that I was a total mess and should NOT be leading any bible studies but do short staffed pastors listen? Having people greet you is old-school. I keep saying old people, but I mean those super Christianese people who are generally in their mid 40s or older.

Why do I have to go to an occult themed bookshop just to play Settlers of Catan or Pandemic? I just want people to chill TF out and start being authentic. Where in the Bible does it say you need 5 praise songs and a hymn before God will let you start service?

Where in the Bible does it say you need to pass the plate between worship and the sermon? Where in the Bible does it say people have to go to a separate building and all meet at the same exact time? I mean, for the love of God and I mean that literally Pastors actually need to consider that people literally have the world to choose from now. Also, sorry for the rant. I am;so in love with this response!! I just am!! I scream with joy!!! I feel your pain!! This wonderful person, right or wrong, flawed or perfect, WHATEVER your take on it is, is THE classic age-group and demographic that you unintentionally blow off when you war over silly things like tradition vs.

I, too, am in my fifties, an unmarried actually biblically divorced woman, and have been for twenty years. Even in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, I have come to appreciate, there is no place for an unmarried, middle-aged spinster. You make some really good comments, you need to clean up your online potty mouth a bit, but good comments! My impression just that is we all spend way too much time talking about what the church can do for us instead of what we can do for others in the church, and also for others outside of it.

The difference between happiness and joy is the degree to which you do for others.

A Fourth Church Sermon by Joanna M. Adams | January 12,

Jesus went to synagogue, but he put the words into action the rest of each week. Inhale and suck the life out of something, or exhale and breathe life into it. Stop and think. This is true in any context including ministry, business, or marriage. I had to learn not to ever use those words.


I found C. When I type OMG, what do you immediately think of? This is a very late comment on your post and you may not ever read it but here goes. A the father of a millennial, I would urge you to start an immediate search for another church. Next, I would urge you to search your heart — thoroughly. If you love Jesus, how can you hate the church?

I truly hope you find the Acts church you are looking for. Wonderful article! There are so many perspectives to come at regarding this issue that it seems overwhelming, but it would be good to remember two things, can Jesus be found first and foremost in what we seek to learn about and do work for, and do we seek it via prayer and the guidance of the spirit?