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As mentioned before, the Gold Thieves have very high evasion and speed and their armor increases by the Gold Thieves getting killed, so even a very high level Scorpion which is the second strongest walking pet, with the Bunny being the first, will not be able to deal any damage to Thieves after appr. A high level Bunny deals tremendous damage and has very high accuracy, so it can manage thieves even after many have already been killed, and all high level flying pets apart from the Steel Bee have a strong ranged special attack that recharges quickly and has exactly the same attributes as the battle wand bolts, so they can kill them easily.

Once after slaying 50 Gold Thieves, a random thief will drop also the Ancient Coin but not later than the th defeated , which can be used later for the hero to teleport to the lair of the Thief King. Be sure that the hero picks up all dew and seeds, as sometimes this unique item can get hidden below them.

An In-Depth Look at “Goodbye, Things” by Fumio Sasaki (Book Summary)

Upon the hero's arrival the message: "Coins spilling The hero can also obtain various types of loot by falling repeatedly into one of the holes on the depth's floor and landing on the Thief King's basement. Players should have in mind that normally that is without a Ring of Wealth equippled or with favorable RNG the Thief King's Basement generates only gold, common potions, common scrolls, weapons and armor.

The Mastrer Thieves' Armband is useful for the same reeason it is in the Ancient City key depth, as it wil gain many charges by all the gold loot of the depth. The Tengu's Hideout and the Yog-Dzewa depths are technically also key depths, as they both need a key portal for the hero to be able to teleport to these depths, and in the Hideout Tengu also drops a Adamantite Ring as loot. Nevertheless, the corresponding keys of both these depths lead directly to boss fights and also obviously Yog-Dzewa is much harder than any key mini-boss, so they are both described in the Bosses section of the wiki about Sprouted.

The hero must a gather them and then take them to the Troll Blacksmith Bop, b get them forged into one SanChikarah piece, c use it to teleport to the Shadow Yog depth, d break the Orb of Zot that will be dropped from the last defeated Shadow Yog, e add the Dolyahaven page to Otiluke's Journal and f read it to teleport to Dolyahaven and enter the end-game stage of the game, the Dolyahaven Mines depths. All the books are too expensive for the hero to buy before defeating Yog-Dzewa, as each is sold for , gold, so for , gold in sum! This will also happen in the regular dungeon, but there all enemies will have become easy for the hero, unlike the enemies of these depths.

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Equipping a highly upgraded Ring of Wealth before the hero teleports to these depths will have a very positive effect on the rare, non-unique loot that will probably get generated on these depths potions of Might, scrolls of Magical Infusion, artifacts, rings, wands etc. This depth's unique and also most common enemy is the Blue Wraiths, which are very fast, can cause Terror and Vertigo to the hero, and always drop one Red Dew upon defeat, but unlike Red and Black Wraiths, their evasion is not very high and can get hit rather easily with melee and missile weapons.

Like all enemies on the Book depths they sense the hero's location but they are also very quick and will arrive en masse after a few turns of the hero being on the depth. Heroes with a weapon already highly upgraded can even farm dew for their dew wial on this depth from them. Upon the hero's arrival the message: "The dead are restless The hero should better read a Scroll of Magic Mapping or eat a Blue Berry, to reveal potentially hidden rooms and avoid missing the loot from the tombstones and more importantly the Black Wraiths that will spawn from them.

This depth contains random common and rare items of all types, especially if the aforementioned Ring of Wealth is equipped before the hero teleports to the depth, but also a lot of gold and items are "hidden" in tombstones and get revealed by breaking them. If the hero has available the gold needed for all three of the Books, there is no extra reason to start with this Book depth. In the case that a Ring of Accuracy or Sharpshooting is equipped, a weapon with a Shocking enchantment will be very useful as one successful hit that also causes Shock damage will chain along the whole quadruple of Wraiths.

For the same reason the most useful battle wand against them is the Wand of Lightning, as its chain effect most often will destroy all 4 Wraiths with only one hit or at least most of them. Heroes should never use the Wand of Firebolt against them , as it destroys also the rare scrolls that they drop weapons with Blazing enchantment are out of the question for the same reason.

It should be noted that all pets apart from almost max level dragons and the Bunny will have great difficulty in surviving this depth without the hero constantly taking care of their health, as they are very vulnerable to the Terror debuff of the Blue Wraiths and wander around in the depth, so they can get usually terrrified for many turns by a Blue Wraith, receive a lot of hits and die.

Notable Features : Garden rooms, lots of high grass that regrows rapidly, Blandfruits, Honeypots rarely also Steel Honeypots , Ankhs, a grain of Magic Rice, random loot, a Toadstool mushroom, and the Tinkerer. The Chain also spawns always on this depth, if it had not spawned until then on the dungeon.

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Upon the hero's arrival the message: "Feed us! The hero again should better eat a Blue Berry and also drink a potion of Mind Vision, to reveal potentially hidden rooms especially gardens that contain Ankhs on this depth and more importantly to locate both the Tinkerer and the Toadstool mushroom, that the Tinkerer will ask for Blue Berries are better than Scrolls of Magic Mapping, as they will reveal all loot including the Toadstool Mushroom. The hero should give the Toadstool mushroom to the Tinkerer to receive the final Dew Vial upgrade.

After that, the vial will hold up to drops, and splashing will also grant Levitation to the hero in addition to Haste and Invisibility. Also heroes who had chosen Draw Out Dew on depth 2 will now also be able to Water with Dew but heroes who had chosen Water with Dew will not be able to upgrade their items accurately as if they had chosen Draw Out Dew and will proceed in the game retaining the random upgrading of Water with Dew. The grain itself is not extremely useful on this depth, but the hero can use it to craft Dumpling Bombs or Rice Dumplings , which are not actually bombs but items that when are thrown at enemies, they teleport them away from the hero and potentially put them to sleep.

Mod-Sprouted Pixel Dungeon/Book and Key Depths | Pixel Dungeon Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The hero can attempt crafting these bombs even on this depth, but the Onis that were not put to sleep will be quickly back to the hero's location. Nevertheless, when the hero gets surrounded by Onis these crafted items can become very useful. In this case a weapon with a Lucky enchantment that will pierce the Onis' high armor or a Vampiric enchantment that will keep the hero's HP at a safe level , wil be the most useful of all. Many of the garden rooms will contain Ankhs, so this is the hero's chance to stock up on them RNG can be even more or even less generous in a specific depth generation but Ankhs is the common range of their generating.

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If the hero has been unlucky enough not to find the Chain until this depth, and also if the Chain had not aready spawned inside a garden in a hidden room previously in the dungeon, it must appear on this depth and can't appear on any of the depths that follow until end-game. In addition, several of the garden rooms are likely to contain Blandfruit bushes, so the hero can also gather these rare fruits from this depth again, RNG can be even more or even less generous in a specific depth generation but blandfruits is the common range of their generating.

This depth is also the only place in the dungeon that a Steel Honeypot might spawn rarely but not very rarely like in the rest of the dungeon , because of the many gardens and honeypots that spawn on this depth. The Steel Bee is a totally useless pet at this point of the game, but shattering a Steel Honeypot also drops a Potion of Strength, so the hero can shatter the Steel Honeypot, pick up the potion and watch a little later the Steel Bee die upon its first encounter with an enemy.

The Onis drop nothing, and the hero can do without their 22 points of XP. Moreover, if a player will decide for the hero to visit that depth reapeatedly see next section for details , the Levitation ability of the dew vial will be absolutely necessary.

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It should be noted that all high level dragons and the Bunny will do very well in this depth with the hero just keeping an eye on their health, as they can dodge most of the Onis' attacks and can kill Onis rather quickly, allowing the hero to pick up loot and dew unbothered. Lower level pets, even dragons, have a high chance to get killed here though. These reports are not so many, but players should have this fact also in mind, when they decide to take along with the hero a pet to this depth or not.

Upon the hero's arrival the message: "You dissolve into light In Sprouted generally there is no indication of the turns left for each buff, just the symbol of most buffs get trasparent a little while before they fade away, but players should know that the dew vial Haste fades away first after approximately 60 moves of the game counter , Invisibility second 70 moves and Levitation last 80 moves.

Players that have their heroes equip a highly upgraded Ring of Haste on this depth should better renew the dew vial buffs as soon as the Haste buff becomes trasparent, as the turns between the first buff and the last buff fading away will be very few. While the statue itself is made of stone, the [enchanted melee weapon] it's wielding looks real. There are several useful things for the hero to do here. This depth most often features a complete set of wells, including Transmutation, and the hero will always find Phase Pitcher seeds lying around RNG can be even more or even less generous in a specific depth generation but seeds is the common range of their generating.

The depth contains various types of loot, including gold, and if the hero has a highly upgraded Ring of Wealth equipped, rare items like wands, rings, potions of Might and Scrolls of Magical Infusion even artifacts that haven't yet spawned in the specific run.

These reports are not many, but apparently there are many reasons for the hero not to take along a pet to this depth. For players that want to exploit his bug there are two alternative methods:.

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Even so, arriving at The Circus — the criminal heart of Blackthorn — and demanding an audience with the notorious Pummel, is the sign of a death wish. Jessie knows that Eden is trouble. Serious trouble. Held captive by Pummel, despite her powers, she also knows how dangerous a game Eden is playing.

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