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  2. What is most widely read magazine in world?
  3. Trump’s son-in-law buys Watchtower HQ, has big, beautiful plans for it | Brooklyn Paper
  4. C. S. Woolley

I thank my grandma, and the many many sisters along this journey helping me get to know our creator, the one true God, Jehovah through his son Christ Jesus' teachings in the holy bible. Doug from Florida from Sebastian says:. Great property for business. The times have changed for the spreading of the Good News. More electronic and less shipping. The need to be in the river area of a Big city has gone by. Now the JW's are happy to not have to fight the commuters and local situations of the city. We love those that volunteer.

I have for many years built and maintained JW's projects. It take love and faith to give in a selfish world. Trena from from California says:. I am so proud of all the JW family moving is a difficult process. There were so many brothers on the wait list to come help and freely volunteer that sadly not all were able to get there before it was finished , I am hoping to go for a project in the future!

The Last Men Standing Audition: All along the Watchtower, Johnny be Goode Cover

Bonnie from florida from Cocoa Florida says:. Cara from Missouri says:. I think that their is always someone in the background who questions our beliefs and some who want to try to cause division among Jehovah's people. We are peaceable and we don't stand up for abuse of any kind not do we support it pay off anyone who does.

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The money they get for selling the property is to further the preaching work since any work the witnesses do is totally voluntary. This includes the preaching work , the talks given at the kingdom hall and the assembly's we have building of the kingdom halls world wide and all the places they print literature.

All by voluntary contributions. But, the money does help with materials which are expensive buying printing presses and lawnmowers, cleaning supplies and everything else to keep Jehovah's work possible. It is a beautiful thing and anyone who takes away from it is either mad because they choose not to live thier lives this way or just completely uneducated about what thier work or message is it scared.

If anyone has any questions or comments or are just looking at the comments on here please look at jw. We hope for Jehovah's promise for peace where death will be no more. We do our best to live up to his standards in this imperfect world. Steve from Texas USA says:.

What is most widely read magazine in world?

I had the opportunity and privilege to work at the new world headquarters in Warrick, and even visited Brooklyn bethel this past summer. I didn't mind volunteering and helping and giving my time freely. Like they provide in the Disaster Relief department? I too lost my way for a bit from serving Jehovah. When I was at zero after 6 years away, broke, homeless with a family of 5, teenagers, I realize that no one would help me.

Not the local government. Not anyone in D. NO ONE. They don't even know your name much less know you personally. However, Jehovah knows each one of us. His power and wisdom is matchless. His love unsurpassing. Ones who mock and spew hate are in a dangerous position. I am convinced that Jehovah will one day intervene in today's affairs and "set matters straight". His active and real heavenly government will usher in a new world. One that will be ruled by the greatest man ever to live, Jesus Christ, our king.

I rather put hope in that than any other human who is a king, president, dictator, monarch, politician. But Jehovah can. May your kingdom come Jehovah!! Blessing and greetings to all my spiritual brothers and sisters globally, my true family. May Jehovah strengthen you and endure as well witness the final outcome of these last days. Sanctify his name and live forever!

Steve M. Sandee W. I too had many privileges in Jehovah's organization, including working at Warwick. Let your Kingdom come, Jehovah!

Trump’s son-in-law buys Watchtower HQ, has big, beautiful plans for it | Brooklyn Paper

Thank you for all you've done and will do for us today and in your new world! Felice from From Atlanta Volunteers excitedly offer their time and receive a rich reward! Our God Jehovah is one Jehovah Please visit JW. Anne Wall from South Africa says:.

C. S. Woolley

To Michelle. I am proud of you.

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And all others that stick to Jehovah. I had a son who also left the truth for 20 years and has been back for 2 years now. He is doing so much better. Timothy Fashina from Nigeria says:. How good and pleasant it is for your people to dwell in peace and unity. Please let your kingdom come!

Jehovah is wise! If we gave away the buildings and erected tents as our dwellings and operating facilities, the work would still be a success! I read something about taxes IF the governments imposed "fair" taxes on ALL religions, take note of which religion would be first in line to comply! Wolves in sheep clothing enter to do wrong.

Jehovah will judge those who do wrong and try to shame his org. Let his name be sanctified soon! A MEN.. Rothe from Germany says:. I's amazing to know what has happend. Warmly Wishes to my dear Bro and Sis there. L Bishop from from Missouri says:. To Vonda V. I am so happy to hear you are returning to Jehovah. You will be welcomed with open arms and all the heavens will rejoice over your return.

I look forward to the day when I can meet you in paradise! Lilian asilo from Palawan phillipines says:. I am proud to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses practical ,simple people. John from Abuja, Nigeria says:. Jehovah's visible org.