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What Does Jesus Say about Women in the New Testament?
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Hannah was a young woman married to a man called Elkanah. He loved her tenderly and she loved him. But there was a fly in the ointment.

Examples Of Praying Woman In The Bible

One can sympathise with her pain. She tormented Hannah about her lack of children. This went on for years, especially at those time that Hannah prayed for children at the holy shrine at Shiloh, about twenty miles north of Jerusalem. But once again she presented herself at the shrine and began her prayer.

CT Women: Our 15 Favorite Prayers

When Hannah began to pray he saw her deep distress, but she prayed silently so that he did not hear her prayer. At that time a husband could rescind any vow his wife made if he did so within a day of the vow being made. Hannah, desperate, did not want this to happen, so she mouthed the words without actually speaking them aloud.

That if God gave her a son, she would give this son back to God by dedicated him as a Nazirite, a holy man sworn to serve God all his life.

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If Elkanah had heard this vow, he would surely have objected. The boy after all would be his son as well as hers. So she mouthed the words silently.

It is worth noting that at that time a clever deception was admired. Eli the priest, watching her, assumed she was drunk — there was a fair amount of feasting at festival time. He was outraged that she would approach the shine intoxicated, and said so, telling her she was making a drunken spectacle of herself.

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Mollified, Eli blessed her and prayed that her request might be granted. His words seemed to have a profound effect on her. She was convinced she would conceive at last.

And indeed she did. In due time she bore a son. She was nervous, as well she might be, because according to the words of the vow she was obliged to hand over this newborn baby to the priests at the shrine. Perhaps to mollify him, she made a compromise.

She would keep the baby until he was weaned at about three years. This would give him a better chance of surviving the separation from his family. Only then would she take him to be given to the priests at Shiloh. Even at this stage she could have redeemed her vow by paying a sum of money to the priests at Shiloh, but she did not choose to do this. Still, Anna continued to pray for the Messiah and for others. We can infer that the more she prayed, the more she learned about God and His plans.

Prayers for Women

Consistent prayer will do the same for you. Biblical examples indicate otherwise. Though others chastised her, God did not.

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God welcomes honesty in prayer — after all, he knows you to your core and understands your heart. Mary was faced with an impossible miracle — one that was not only difficult to believe, but could reflect poorly on her in her society despite its glorious truth. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.