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  1. Allotments - Midwinter | Cheltenham Borough Council
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  3. Bravura Solutions acquires Midwinter Financial for A$50m

Allotments - Midwinter | Cheltenham Borough Council

Use this list to keep informed of upcoming meetings, conferences, events and webinars that OCLC plans to host or attend. Show all event details.

Show details. A minute preview of how EZproxy Analytics can provide libraries with meaningful information to measure collection usage, student success, and more. Register to attend More info. A minute demonstration of how to use the GreenGlass tool to evaluate collections and make data-driven management decisions.

New at FMI Midwinter 2020

More info. Join this webinar to hear how UNLV librarians have developed and stewarded effective relationships with other campus stakeholders, and how the library is a valued campus stakeholder in institutional reputation management.

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Join this webinar to learn how data production, sharing, and curation practices facilitate and inhibit data reuse and to discuss the design, timing, and feasibility of curatorial interventions that enable the smooth flow of data throughout the lifecycle. Join this webinar to hear about the development of a local RDM repository at the University of Bath, lessons learned along the way, and factors that have influenced decisions about RDM services.

Bravura Solutions acquires Midwinter Financial for A$50m

Sarah and Beth will share how the library's cloud-based library management system is facilitating success for both users and staff. Settings Menu Search.

A Midwinter Noel - Jay Rouse, Gustav Holst

Haupt Conservatory. In the hands of the right organizers, such theoretical events might spark the same kind of elevated collaboration that puts the music and the collections on equal, and equally thrilling, footing. While many bigger festivals evoke the VIP experience through ever-expanding tiers and ticket prices, Midwinter does it by sheer numbers: the Tribune puts the attendance cap at 4, people per night, making Midwinter one of the smallest major multi-day music events planned for Such planned compactness, paired with a ticketing structure designed around a la carte scheduling, guarantees a level of Instagram-worthy intimacy at every turn; even the biggest Art Institute venues where the shows will go down have capacities that hover around one thousand people, and most number in the hundreds, capacities that also allow for the riskier or more avant-garde bookings that Pitchfork delivered.

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Finally, Midwinter also uses its unique synergy between booking and venue to amplify its own you-had-to-be-there-ness. But really, why stop there? What form that may take is as unknown as it is exciting.

  • Music shares a stage with Warhol and Van Gogh as the festival season officially begins.
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Pitchfork Midwinter at the Art Institute of Chicago. However, while the biggest innovations may catch us all off guard, they seem, at least in the short term, most likely to come from established players in the festival scene, ones that have the financial latitude, cultural cache, and willingness to take risks needed to play and succeed in more left-field spaces.

Coachella may not show up at the Getty any time soon, but something else from AEG might.