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Facts about leprechauns and where the legends really came from
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How can their relationship survive the onslaught of what is to come? Published: January 24, Allow an old fidget of a duke to run her life? Ah, the devil she would! Running away was the only option Felicia could come up with that might work. At her side, her lifelong friend, Scott--but plans have a way of going awry. Enter the Duke of Somerset. Add to the mix, highwaymen, kidnappers and high spirited determination as Felicia becomes, Madcap Miss! Journey by Claudy Conn Series: Journey.

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Price: Free! Words: 87, Published: October 17, Come on in and take it with her. Words: 68, Published: September 14, As Bella's guardian is her brother and he isn't much older than she is, she is quite she thinks capable of running her own life. Bella is a headstrong young woman in the hedonistic regency times. Enter the Earl of Magdalen to stir wayward matters into a whirlwind she can't find a way out of.

Words: 70, Jodi is a witch with formidable powers fighting a battle against an insidious dark force. She meets Shane MacGrath and needs him in so many ways, but she doesn't know if she can trust him. Can she trust him and will she survive this battle? Words: , Published: August 1, It all started with obsession. Those that are governed by it can never see past it. A traitor amongst the Fae, a Druid woman, turned into a bloodsucking voracious killer and a love that spanned time.

Published: May 29, Through Time-Compulsion finds a new demon on the loose and this one thinks he is a god. He isn't, but he is powerful beyond the Fae's imagination. Words: 76, Published: March 31, Lord Daniel Pendleton has met his match in Serena. A game of twists and misunderstandings ensue, and a lively romance begins. Words: 81, Published: February 21, A hybrid and a wolf shifter join forces across time, across miles against a threat of unthinkable proportions. And Kelsey? She thinks he is a player and players don't figure into her state of mind.

Mandy by Claudy Conn Price: Free! Words: 86, Published: November 21, A Regency adventure that goes into the Dales of Yorkshire. Murder and intrigue.

A sister on the run with her brother. Suspects--many, even a dear friend.

Free Falling

A duke who is as dashing as he is wild. Words: 82, Published: September 24, Meet Frankie of Sluagh now all grown up and ready to take on the world. She wants the Dark Prince and goes against her family All the while, his brother plots to take over the world once again.

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Published: June 26, Book 3 in the Through Time series takes us on a battle filled ride with Jazz and Trevor as Frankie comes into her own. Published: March 6, In book 2 of Through Time, the three Dark Royals are about to march out of the Dark Realm with an army of monsters at their back. Enter, unexpectedly, Jazmine Decker, a Fios Fae seer who finds herself unwittingly thrown into the past with Trevor.

Chaos lies ahead. Words: 77, Published: February 5, Jenny insisted she would never fall in love again, but she found herself drawn to the handsome Earl of Danfield. His proposal would give her what she wanted. Words: 71, Ravena is running from who and what she is, but the more she runs away, the further she falls.

Words: 63, Chelsea takes London by storm, but the only man she wants, thinks she is no more than a child. Words: 66, Published: July 31, This is a spin off from the Legend series. Revenge is the driver. Will love be the equalizer in Through Time-Pursuit? Published: June 14, Words: 79, This is a stand-alone tale, and the backstory for the Legend series.

Gais and the Prince come head to head over a woman. Come along and see their world unfold….

Our top fantasy book series recommendations | Fantasy Book Review

Words: 89, Published: March 18, WB and his clan have moved in and section by section Dublin is going dark. The team needs help and they turn to a shapeshifter, Roxie MacBran. Published: February 23, Cheryl Elton has been in London for three seasons and refuses to be courted. Her mother takes matters into her own hands and Cherry runs! Published: January 19, This is the final sequel to the Legend series and picks up where Free Falling-Legend stopped. Z is in a mess, Dante is following her into the same mess and there is war and love on the horizon!

Malazan Book of the Fallen by Steven Erikson

Published: December 7, Magical powers, a castle, and a charming prince sound like the ingredients for a fairy-tale life, but for BJ Mulroy, reality turns out to be a whole lot more complicated. Words: 17, Published: December 2, This is a love story but it is fringed with envy, jealousy, and bitterness—oh and more.

It is laced with the havoc those devastating emotions can bring. It is about the seeds of hate born of love, and what havoc that hate can wantonly roar over even the immortals. This is a story of Aaibhe, queen of the Seelie Fae because she deserves that it be told. Published: November 28, Myriah meets Kit under the worst circumstances and their meeting was an explosion of wills, and actions, and it was what finally set Myriah on fire…. Words: 43, Published: November 11, Fact one: By tradition and treaty, Fae do not interfere with the human world—it is against the rules.

Fact two: For a Royal Fae prince who suffers from the ennui of immortality, watching and interacting with humans—especially lovely, spirited human females—can be entertaining. Fact three: When entertainment changes to affection, and affection becomes love, rules will be broken. Published: November 8, Published: October 12, Maxie is a reluctant heroine-travels to Scotland to find and save herself. Julian is a Druid Priest in a modern age and he is full of guilt--Can Maxie turn to him?

Or will she turn to Prince Breslyn,a royal Fae hunk offering her everything? Also, free is a short Aaibhe-Shee Queen I wrote at the request of my readers who wanted to know more about Queen Aaibhe who appears in my Legend series. Words: 96, Published: September 28, They call her Z and she is a handful ready to explode.

She has entered the war against Gais and the Dark Fae and means to take him on all by herself. She is driven. Z and the prince meet and hackles go up on both sides. Words: 80, Published: August 26, Damon Drummond and Nikki Walker are on opposite sides.