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The Minharian Chronicles
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It was beautiful, a Christmas card scene—weather to stay indoors in front of a roaring fire, with hot chocolate and a good book. The power 27 Gabriella Bradley was back on, but the room was still cold. Then she remembered, Cain told her there was no heating in the rooms.

All they had was the fireplace to warm up the house and a pot belly stove in the kitchen. She turned to Cain who was already showered and dressed.

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John has a four by four. But we need to have a meeting first. We also have to talk with Graham.

Hon, I suggest you go shower quickly. We run out of hot water very fast and it takes at least two hours before the tank heats up. If everyone takes a daily shower, all one hundred of you, and now extra people, how the hell do you manage? In between, we just do a sponge bath, and some of us go to the pool and shower there.

Join me soon? Did you really ask me to marry you last night, or was that a dream? Yet last night I still had doubts. And it is real. You need to believe, open your mind. Hold that thought till tonight. Anke showered fast.

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The water was already just lukewarm so she opted not to wash her hair. Maybe Cain could take her to the pool if the roads were passable and she could bathe thoroughly there. As she walked down the stairs, she heard the crackle of the fire in the living room. Someone had put new wood on it. Warmth greeted her when she entered, as well as the aroma of bacon and eggs. Her stomach grumbled suddenly.

Her usual routine was a mug of strong coffee and then off to the salon. The living room was already quite 29 Gabriella Bradley full. I was raised to let older people have the comforts. A normal human being like the rest of you. He handed her a plate and knife and fork.

The Minharian Chronicles Series

We need to get down to business. Are you absolutely sure about that? What do you all think? Most nodded, some A 31 Gabriella Bradley agreed audibly. We must all swear never to reveal its existence to anyone. But, I would like to study the archives and find out what those scientists on Minharia discovered. I most certainly would. But it would mean traveling back and forth through the portal. Now I know we can activate it whenever we want.

My thought is—if we knew it could be activated any time, we would have become very impatient. The search for the emerald took a long time. On Earth, we can only use the portal at midnight. On Minharia, to return to Earth, one has to travel back that same Earth night.

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Nearly everyone was here before then. Only a few slept in, you among them. Everyone is in favor of keeping the portal and our shapeshifting abilities a secret. Suddenly she stood still. Unless you want to be ousted from the pack. Who is going to believe your tale? I want some kind of reward. And no way in hell am I going to live on that godforsaken planet! Do you want the authorities to find out about us? If this is the only way to shut Storm up, then so be it. Slink, can I talk to you privately for a moment? Ventured to other parts of the planet?

Cain and I were wondering if there were other countries, more cities. We found New Eden and settled there. None of us among the elders had the inclination to explore further. We started out with twentythree escapees—nine men and fourteen women. The men partnered with the women—some of us have more than one wife.

It was the only way we knew how to keep everyone happy and build a new civilization.

The throne of Fire by Rick Riordan Audiobook ( Book 2 )

Between us, we had thirty-two children, some of whom have had children of their own. The population of New Eden is eighty-six at present. And if the planet is called Minharia, Nimrois is the capital, what is the name of the country?

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I have no idea. There had to have been other nations. When we return, you and Cain can open the archives to us and we can learn more about Minharia and its occupants. Jeff, Sally and Marie, the three of you worked in labs.

Women On Th Ebrink Of A Cataclysm

Nicole and Brenda, you are both nurses. See what information you can gather.